Self-Propelled Commute Report – Jan 2016

trek12From the recurring segment:  time to document my commuting progress for January.  I biked to work 8 of the 20 days I worked, for a  self-propelled rate of 40%, which is well below my goal of 75%, mostly nasty cold rainy weather.  I’ve got some volunteering and sports after work one day a week now, making biking a near impossible option, especially with rain, so I drove myself to work twice, and did carpool all 10 other times.

For February I’m planning to work about 20 days and my goal is to commute under my own power 15 of those days.  In January we drove a total of 1146 miles, a huge amount of which was for skiing and a ski trip.


One thought on “Self-Propelled Commute Report – Jan 2016

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