Income/Expenses – Jan 2016

Spending Pie Jan2016From my recurring income series; Our net savings / spending numbers for January 2016:

Spending was high high high.  Mostly for skiing, a ski trip, and a new kit for myself.  New board and bindings were pretty spendy, but the old set was over 12 years old and badly worn, I’d been shopping around the last few years. Also had an annual HOA payment and got major regular service on the car to keep it running smooth.

Spending pie looks as follows:  32% home, 17% shopping (that snowboard).  Food/dining at 17%, then the car at 11%.  Travel, “health and fitness” (snowboard tickets), and then bills came in at 7% each.  Bills were extra high due to a cold month, and we’ve used our roommate and pet as an excuse to run the house a bit warmer more often, when we used to use space heaters locally.

We had our usual rental income and received 2 paychecks each, so average income.   With our high spending we hit a total savings rate of 63%.  That’s far off at our goal from December, I hadn’t accounted well for some major expenses and hadn’t exactly planned for my new board.   Income will be a bit higher in February due to bonuses, and I expect we’ll be able to keep spending back down, so for February I’ll set a saving goal of 80%.


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