2015 in Review

We saw a 2015 savings rate of 69%.  That is: (post tax pay – spending not including mortgage principle payment + 401k match) / (post tax pay).  We saw our net income go up just over $4k, but our spending was up just under $4k from 2014, so a wash, and not a good overall trend – but… some extenuating circumstances.

Here’s the review of our spending:

Category Spending Comments
Food and Dining 11999
   Groceries 3668
   Wine/Beer 1116
   Restaurants, Coffee Shop 7215 … yeah, need to eat in a bit more
Healthcare 4549
   Doctor Visits 110
   Health Insurance 624
   Dentist 264
Lasik 3427 big one time expense, seeming worth it about 1 year in now.
   Pharmacy 124
Auto and Transport 2540
   Gasoline 680 That’s pretty impressive, I hadn’t realized it was that low.
   Insurance 621 About as cheap as possible
   Registration & Testing 72
Bike Parts / Maintenance 716 Pretty expensive here, got more into commuting by bike, hit almost 75%, but 2 gatorskin tires, and liners for each of us, plus various maintenance
   Service & Parts 151 Very little work done here, mostly just oil changes I think
   Public Transportation / Parking 300
Home 20909
Mortgage Interest 11939 heading down fast due to principle paydown
Property Taxes 4632 heading up fast due to property values
Utilities + HOA 2810
   Home Goods / Furniture 389
   Home Insurance 672
Home Improvement / Landscaping 467
Misc 10704
Cell Phone 895
Internet Access 468
   Shoes & Clothing 332
   Sporting Goods 852
   Donations/Charity 1005 Going to keep trying to up this, probably double this year
Gifts 592
Travel 4823 End of our expensive 2014 year end trip, which also spilled into 2015.
   Shopping Misc 1737
Entertainment 3457
Sports Events 850
Theater 668
Gym / sports / runs 819 organized events are expensive, probably won’t cut down on this much though
Other 1120
Total 54158



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