Income/Expenses – Dec 2015

Spending Pie Dec2015From my recurring income series; Our net savings / spending numbers for December 2015:

Spending came in right at our year’s average (discounting major one time purchases), which was good, but I had been hoping for better…  The spending pie was heavily weighted to food and home as usual – at 25% and 37% of our total spending respectively.  Bills came in third at 11%, while general shopping was 9%.  Auto, travel, and health each registered at 4% of the budget, and then everything else was the remaining 6%, including some theater tickets and some gifts, although we bought most Christmas gifts earlier in the year.

We had our usual rental income and received 3 paychecks each, so big time pay month.   With our average spending we hit a total savings rate of 84%.  That’s right about at our goal from November.   Income will be back to normal in January, and I expect we’ll be able to keep spending around average, trying to knock our 2016 average down 10% or more from 2015.  So for January I’ll set a saving goal of 75%.


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