Self-Propelled Commute Report – Dec 2015

trek12From the recurring segment:  time to document my commuting progress for December.  I biked to work 9 of the 17 days I worked, for a  self-propelled rate of 52%, below my goal of 76%.  Mostly just cold rainy days keeping me off the bike.  I never drove myself to work, so at least I did carpool all 8 times I didn’t ride in.


Now that the year of commuting is behind me I’m happy to report that of the 218 days I worked, I commuted 162 times under my own power – either biking or running.  That is a rate of 74%, ARGHHH!!!! so close to 75% self powered commuting.  I am equally happy though that I only drove myself to work a total of 7 times – that’s 3%.  The other 49 days, or 22+% was carpooling.

Looks like I didn’t document any particular commuting goals for the whole of 2015.  I’m going to set a 2016 goal of 75% self propelled commuting.

In January it looks like 20 days of work and my goal is to commute under my own power at least 15 of those days.   Think I’ve figured out the glove solution, now I need some rain solutions.  Mostly seems like the legs and feet that really bother me when they get too cold and wet, then biking home in soaking shoes is no fun…


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