Self-Propelled Commute Report – Nov 2015

trek12From the recurring segment:  time to document my commuting progress for November.  I biked to work 8 of the 18 days I worked, for a  self-propelled rate of 44%, which is significantly below my goal of 66%, but not for lack of want to.  I came down with a good cold, which when combined with an injury made the most sense to rest and recover.  I never drove myself to work, so at least I did carpool all 10 times I didn’t ride in.

For December I’m planning to work about 17 days and my goal is to commute under my own power at least 13 of those days.   Might be a bit cold out, but I’ve gotten used to it, and will continue to experiment with clothing to get it just right – mostly need to figure out a glove solution that blocks the wind but is dextrous enough,


One thought on “Self-Propelled Commute Report – Nov 2015

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