Self-Propelled Commute Report – Sept 2015

trek12From the recurring segment:  time to document my commuting progress for September.  I biked or ran to work 15 of the 15 days I worked, for a  self-propelled rate of… *crunching the numbers* 100%!, which beat my 80% goal and marking a great first – a whole month of biking!

At a 100% biking rate I obviously never drove myself or carpooled.  Along with a vacation we had the lowest driving miles since March.  We filled up on gas a total of 2 times and drove 432 total miles.

For October I’m planning to work about 20 days and my goal is to commute under my own power at least 15 of those days.  I also plan to get a new more powerful bike light to make riding in the dark safer and easier.


One thought on “Self-Propelled Commute Report – Sept 2015

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