Income/Expenses – March 2015

Spending Pie March 2015From my recurring income series; Our net savings/spending numbers for March 2015:

Got expenses back into check this month, more around our long term sustainable average.   Our home (mostly mortgage interest, property tax, and insurance) accounted for 41% of our spending.  Food followed at 26% of our spending, then entertainment and health/fitness at 8% each.  And  then transport at 5%, and that spending was mostly some bicycling maintenance / tires thanks to all our miles on the road 🙂  Bills clocked in at 5% of our spending, and then general shopping and gifts accounted for the last slice of our spending pie.

Our tax refund made this month look a bit better, so all in all we saw a 76% savings rate.  I’ll set a goal for April of 70% – shouldn’t be too hard to hit this month – again with no major spending expected maybe with some luck we’ll hit 80%.


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