Income/Expenses – February 2015

Spending Pie Feb 2015From my recurring income series; Our net savings/spending numbers for February 2015:

Expenses were excessive due to some health costs – primarily my LASIK and some dental work – and accounted for 46% of our total spending.  Behind our home at 18% was general shopping (mostly for a new laptop) at 13% and then food at 10% of our spending.  Entertainment, bills, and then auto/transport accounted for about 4% of our spending each and that rounds out the month of February.  Not really the worst month if you take out the medical expenses… but certainly not great either.

We didn’t work much OT, but a bonus saved this month from looking really ugly.  In the end we saw a 47% savings rate.  I’ll set a goal for March of 70% to start to make up for some of that embarrassment.  And since there is no real spending expected maybe with some luck we’ll hit 80%.


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