Income/Expenses – January 2015

Spending Pie Jan 2015From my recurring income series, Our net savings/spending numbers for January 2015:

Expenses were again amazingly high as we spent the first week+ of the year in an expensive international city. Again travel accounted for the largest portion of spending at 45%, and again at least some of that was for food which we didn’t break out due to the tracking effort on cash spending.  Another 26% went to “home”; mortgage interest and taxes.  18% went towards food, and this was a bit more accurate than last month because our travels finally took us to places where credit cards were accepted.  Mint is only breaking down the other 11% as “other”, although it covers all sorts of bills, some gifts, the gym etc.

We combined for a couple days worth of overtime, which helped us squeeze over the 50% savings rate, at 58%.  I’ll set a goal for February of better than 50% (mostly due to an expensive elective surgery), and there’s also been some shopping already under way…


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