Biking to Work – January 2015

trek12In January I biked in 12 of the 15 days I worked, a rate of 80%.  That’s a lot better than last January’s rate of 0%.  We had a beautiful warm January, and I’ve started running some of these days as well (but I’ll keep counting that as part of my biking tally).  The other three days I managed to carpool so no solo driving.

For February I’m planning to work about 20 days and I hope to bike at least 12 of those days, although I’ve got a forecast for this first week and it doesn’t look promising.

Edit – we’ve been using a GPS tracker for since about March 2014 to get an auto insurance discount.  As a bonus it is a great way to also track our monthly mileage very closely – I’m going back for the months to document our total driving mileage.  In January we drove only about 370 total miles.


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