2014 in Review

We saw a 2014 savings rate of 70%.  That is (post tax pay – spending not including mortgage principle payment + 401k match) / (post tax pay).

After reading the MMM family spending summary I wanted to complete one for ourselves, I knew it wouldn’t be pretty, but here goes:

Category Spending Comments
Food and Dining
   Groceries 2916
   Wine/Beer 567
   Restaurants, Coffee Shop 5653 … yeah, need to eat in a bit more
   Doctor Visits 0
   Health Insurance 1100 $50 per paycheck to cover the Ms.
   Dentist 0
   Pharmacy 372 Mostly travel related
Auto and Transport
   Gasoline 1293 Pretty high, but partly due to driving for business which was reimbursed by mileage, probably should have broken that down…
   Insurance 443 About as cheap as possible, might actually go up if we increase liability coverages
   Registration & Testing 185
   Service & Parts 620 New brakes on both cars, some oil
   Public Transportation 100
Mortgage Interest 12622
Property Taxes 4148
Utilities 2637 High high high… learned a lesson on some water over-usage and leakage
   Home Goods / Furniture 470
   Home Insurance 661
   Landscaping/Plants 630 Did some more planned work on the backyard, mostly new plants
Donations/Charity 1085
Gym / sports / runs 1890
Cell Phone 995 Not the worst as we are mooching off family plans which spreads the primary line pretty thin.
Internet Access 479
   Shoes & Clothing 760
   Sporting Goods 515
   Shopping Misc 567
Sports Events 1060
Theater 250
Other 560
Gifts 675
Travel 7063 Documented our very expensive year end trip, which also spilled into 2015. Well worth it 🙂
Total 50316





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