Income/Expenses – December 2014

From my recurring income series, Our net savings/spending numbers for December 2014:

Expenses were amazingly high, our highest ever, with all our trip related spending being pulled forward for accounting in December.  68% of our spending was categorized as travel for the trip, although at least some of that was for food which we didn’t break out due to the tracking effort on cash spending.  Another 16% went to “home”; mortgage interest and taxes.  4% went towards food before we left on the trip, and another 4% toward shopping for the trip, but those weren’t “consumed”.  Various spending on bills, etc accounted for the rest.

Neither of us worked much OT, yet we still managed to save 40% of our income this month.  I’ll set a goal for January of 62%, don’t really want to scrimp on our big vacation too much…  the Ms should squeeze in 3 paychecks to the my 2.   Expenses will still be high this month as our international trip extended well into 2015.


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