Income/Expenses – November 2014

From my recurring income series, Our net savings/spending numbers for November 2014:

Expenses were right at the 12 month average.  Some 40% of our spending was just the base housing expenses; another 7% went towards the bills.  21% went towards food, “Health and Fitness” i.e. vaccinations for our international vacation accounted for 12% of our spending.  Various spending on general shopping, etc accounted for the rest, with the Ms very generously chipping in with her parents to buy me some electronic goodies for my birthday.  A decent month on transportation costs, largely thanks to a good month on the bike, only 4% of our total expenses went to transportation; no gas in the SUV and only a couple tanks in the other.

Neither of us worked much OT, yet we still managed to save 75% of our income this month.  We have an expensive December to look forward to, with an expected saving rate near 30%, ack!!!  Then a relatively expensive January to kickoff the new year 😦

I’ll set a goal for December of 25%, don’t really want to scrimp on our big vacation too much…  I should squeeze in 3 paychecks to the Ms’ 2, a little bit of OT maybe early on, then burning through a good few weeks of vacation pay.  And expenses probably well over twice the 12 month average.  A near 69% savings rate for 2014 seems to be coming closer to being in the books 🙂   Happy 2015 if I don’t get back on before we get back!


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