Biking to Work – October 2014

trek12Today’s my last work day in October. I biked in 14 of the 23 days I worked, a rate of 61%.  Lots of rain and the shortening days are making biking more and more difficult.  I got pretty soaked a couple times.  I didn’t spend any money on my bike this month.

For November I plan to average at least 2 days a week.  Through these four winter months I’m committing to ride at least once a week no matter what, making for some nasty Friday rides…

Edit – we’ve been using a GPS tracker for since about March 2014 to get an auto insurance discount.  As a bonus it is a great way to also track our monthly mileage very closely – I’m going back for the months to document our total driving mileage.  In October we drove about 920 total miles.


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