Income/Expenses – September 2014

From my recurring income series, Our net savings/spending numbers for September 2014:

It was a pretty darn average month with a huge drop off from our extremely spendy August.  24% of our total spending was for travel and vacation related to our upcoming international trip.  Another 28% went towards the home and 20% towards food.  Various spending on bills, general shopping, etc accounted for the rest.  Another great month on transportation costs, largely thanks to a good month on the bike, only 5% of our total expenses went to transportation, and a good portion of that was upgrades to my bike reliability and safety.

With the Ms spending most of the last month traveling for work it was a bit easier on the spending, but certainly not the kind of work life balance we are looking for.  Between a decent amount OT for both of us and our better spending we managed to save 70% of our income this month.

I’ll set a goal for October of 70%.  With only a standard two paychecks we’ll still work some OT, but we’ll keep booking a lot of the travel for this winter.  As much as we’d also like to bring some of that food spending down, we’ll see…


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