Income/Expenses – August 2014

From my recurring income series: Our net savings/spending numbers for August 2014:

Interesting month… we spent the most since we got married, thanks to finally purchasing two international airplane tickets and some other travel.  We visited the LA area; saw family and Disneyland.  Over half of our total spending was travel and vacation related.  Another 20% went towards the home and 11% towards food.  Still relatively good month on transportation costs, largely thanks to a good month on the bike.  Three paychecks this month for the Ms and a decent amount OT for both of us allowed us to save 55% of our income.

I’ll set a goal for August of 60%.  With only a standard two paychecks we’ll still work some OT, but we need to start booking a lot of the travel to go along with those tickets we bought.

As a side note I’m tempted to try to account for spending when events actually occur, even if we pay ahead of time.  Does that make sense?  Even though the money is actually getting spent now, from a month by month perspective it is really the activity itself which results in the spending.


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