Income/Expenses – July 2014

From my recurring income series: Our net savings/spending numbers for July 2014:

An especially good month – spending less than we have for a very long time.  Our savings rate was up at 88%, even higher than our annual bonus month back in February.  This was helped by my squeezing in three paychecks this month and the Ms working a decent amount of OT.  We also still have a roommate, whether that turns out to be a wise tradeoff between income and inconvenience will certainly be the subject of a future post.

Housing related expenses accounted for 39% of our spending and food accounted for 26%.  Bills and Taxes totaled to 19%, transportation accounted for 3% of spending, gifts and donations were 6%, miscellaneous gym and entertainment was the rest of it.

I’ll set a goal for July of 75% with the wife getting an extra paycheck and the working lots of OT, and I don’t expect much spending, again, although we are pretty close to finally buying those international airline tickets, and then possibly booking more travel stuff to go along with those.

And to note, all of that savings was invested, and despite a relatively flat market our net worth grew nicely 🙂


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