Income/Expenses – June 2014

From my recurring income series: Our net savings numbers for June 2014:

A notably good month in June; spent less than we have for at least two years.  Our savings rate was up at 77%, which is about as high as it gets for us.

Housing related expenses accounted for 37% of our spending and food accounted for 29%.  Bills and Taxes were each 12%, transportation accounted for 5% of spending, which even that low is a bit deceiving because we filled with gas three time, but probably drove less than 500 miles total and now have two full tanks of gas.

I’ll set a goal for July of 80% again because we should get one extra pay check, the Ms is working lots of OT, and I don’t expect much spending, again, unless we finally buy those international airline tickets…

And to note, all of that savings and more was invested, and our net worth is growing nicely as you’d expect.  If we could keep our spending at this level we’re something like 1/3 of the way to financial independence 🙂


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