Income/Expenses – April 2014

From my recurring income series: Our net savings numbers for April 2014:

Sort of another average month here, spent about $400 above our 12 month average, and only two paychecks each squeezed into this month.  Sadly we netted a savings rate of only 64%, which again was less than I had hoped for and a good bit below my goal in March of over 70%.  The Ms new job doesn’t match 401k for the first 60 days, so that’s a couple percent of income we should finally see here next month.

Housing related expenses accounted for 32% of our spending and food accounted for 21% (for the second straight month).  Food is clearly our lowest hanging fruit if we wanted to cut expenses; spending way more eating out than we probably should.  We also had some of the standard expected unexpected expenses such as new brakes (rotors and all) for my car, which I plan to install myself sometime soon (including a future post on how that goes).


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