Income/Expenses – March 2014

From my recurring income series: Our net savings numbers for March 2014:

Sort of an average month here, spending near our 12 month average and only two paychecks each squeezed into this month.  Still, we netted a savings rate of 67%, which again was less than I had hoped for but right on my estimate in February.  The Ms new job doesn’t match 401k for the first 60 days so that’s a couple percent of income we should expect to see here soon.

Housing related expenses accounted for 43% of our spending and food accounted for 21%.  Utility bills will head in a downward direction as the weather gets nicer, as will some of our fitness expenses as the Ms has cancelled the gym membership for the summer in favor of biking and getting outside.  Also we had a roommate move in for a very nominal increase in monthly income of about 4%.  We’ve also decided to increase our charitable contributions… maybe hit 1% this year 😛

I’ll set a goal for April at above 70% net savings rate.  That should be doable unless we buy tickets this month for an international trip we are planning late this year; whichever month we finally buy tickets we’d expect to see our savings rate cut probably in half.


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