Income/Expenses – February 2014

From my recurring income series: Our net savings numbers for February 2014:

We had quite a bit of extra income this month and ended up with a net savings higher than any previous month’s income.  Yet, we netted a savings rate of *only* 77%, which was less than I had hoped for, although I should have accounted for the season tickets we were going to buy.  We spent $1000 in February for something we wont be doing until September.  It’s tempting to try and account for that spending when we actually go to the games, so we spread the cost over three months.  But that seems like too much to keep track of, and Mint wont let me push the date out more than a couple months in the future.  Maybe in some future software update that could be a nice accounting feature.

Expenses aside from that charge still seemed high, with our usual extreme food spending and maybe a bit higher energy bills related to some cold weather.

Still, I won’t get too down about it, and we’re keeping our goal for March at 66% net savings rate.


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