Income/Expenses – January 2014

From my recurring income series: Our income and expense numbers for January 2014:

Gross Income:  $17360  – Both had 3 paychecks this month

Government Cut:  $4000  😦

Net income:  $13360

Expenses:  $3220

Home $1,150
Shopping $90
Food & Dining $670
Taxes $335
Bills & Utilities $390
Auto & Transport $315
Entertainment $60
Gifts & Donations $35
Health & Fitness $90

That means we saved $10170, including the additional $790 in 401k matching from the employers, which was a net savings rate of a whopping 82%.  Best month yet 🙂

If we manage to keep it around 70% MMM tells me that I should be able to retire in about 10 years, so fingers crossed…  I doubt I’ll be as brave as he is, but I like to think I’ll be out of the 9-5 in maybe 15 -20 with a nice cushion.  Also the wife has seen a major pay increase, more on that to come.  Between that and our bonuses due in February I’m going to make an optimistic projection for February of an even higher new PR in savings rate.


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