Income/Expenses – December 2013

From my recurring income series: Our income and expense numbers for December:

Gross Income:  $12000  – Both had 2 paychecks plus some gift cash and small rental income

Government Cut:  $2660

Net income:  $9340

Expenses:  $4400

Home $1,220
Shopping $940
Food & Dining $935
Taxes $335
Bills & Utilities $365
Auto & Transport $220
Entertainment $60
Gifts & Donations $230
Health & Fitness $90

That means we saved $5240, including the additional $530 in 401k matching from the employers, which was a net savings rate of 59%.  Another sub par month 😦  mostly due to significantly too much self gifting for Christmas 😛 (including an awesome set of matching tattoos :))  Also, as a minor consolation some of it was just spending pulled forward in the form of gift cards and we do expect about $100 in rebates.

And, as a topic for a future post about our various do-it-yourself home improvement projects, I was personally very excited as we installed two new outlets for the garage and yard (with what I might call reasonable installation quality).


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