Income/Expenses – September 2013

From my recurring income series: Our income and expense numbers for September:

Gross Income:  $12010  – Both had 2 paychecks plus $250 rent from our short term room mate, and $185 refund for escrow adjustments (we’re just putting those both towards the mortgage next month).

Government Cut:  $2660

Net income:  $9350

Expenses:  $4475

Home $1,285.57
Shopping $1,251.74
Food & Dining $807.54
Taxes $331.00
Bills & Utilities $324.56
Auto & Transport $266.35
Entertainment $141.57
Gifts & Donations $30.03
Health & Fitness $19.00
Personal: Care $16.00

That means we saved $4875, plus about $530 in 401k matching from the employers, which was a net savings rate of only 58%.  That’s a decently respectable mark…  Food is still a larger expense than we’d like, and then we went and spend $1100 on a TV.  I won’t make too many excuses for that excessive consumerism, I just fell into the age old reasoning that we deserved something nicer than our old 32″ considering how often we used the TV (way more often than we should!).  I’m counting it as my combined birthday-Christmas present, so my wife shouldn’t get me anything else.


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