Biking to Work – September 2013

Well today is the last day of September, so I can summarize my progress biking into work for the month, continuing my self reporting I started in June.  I biked in 6 days of the 19 days I worked, or 32%.  That’s not good…  2 days off my goal I set last month of 8 days.  Rain and sport leagues weren’t helpful.  The second week, between sport seasons, I managed to bike in four times.  I did, however, get myself some gear to help with biking in more.  I got fenders, a rack, and panniers, so I won’t get too wet or strain my back too badly.  October will certainly be a bad month; I’ve still got sports 3 nights a week that will take me well into the darkness.  I’ll set a goal of 6 bike ins.


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