Income/Expenses – July 2013

From my recurring income series: Our income and expense numbers for July:

Here it is:

Gross Income:  $14600  – Squeezed one extra paycheck in this month and I got a little raise 🙂

Government Cut:  $3400

Net income:  $11200

Expenses:  $3060

Home Interest and Maintenance $1,220
Food & Dining $705
Property Taxes $330
Bills & Utilities $335
Auto & Transport $240
Gifts & Donations $65
Entertainment $60
Shopping $10
Personal Care $20

That means we saved $8150, plus about $700 in 401k matching from the employers, which was a net savings rate of about 80%!  While our food budget is still looking a bit silly, it’s a good mark overall.  Marching towards our early retirement and saving for a nice long trip to South America next summer we hope.


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