Biking to Work – July 2013

Well today is the last day of July, so I can summarize my progress biking into work for the month.  I biked in 12 days of the 21 days I worked, or 57%.  That’s not too bad…  better than my estimate for last month.  Most of the days that I didn’t bike in, like today, I was just too exhausted and used that as an excuse to not get on the bike, even though I know I could just take my bike ride a little easier and not feel it too much.

The days are also getting shorter, and the couple nights every week that I play sport after work I end up riding home at 730 or 8, which is getting darker.  Since my ride home takes me on some narrow shoulders on fast roads, I don’t intend to ride home in the dark.  I’m going to set a goal for August, weather permitting, to get in 15 commutes by bike.


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