Biking To Work, June 2013

My ride is almost exactly 6 miles each way and I would categorize myself as a fair weather rider; when the weather report gives a 20% or less chance of rain.  My time spent riding is almost a wash against driving with a 25 min ride vs 15 min drive and 10 min walk from the parking lot, plus I’ve got nice showers at work.  I do need to buy panniers through, the backpack hurts my back sometimes.

So… this is going to have to be an estimate, and I’ll try to use this blog as incentive to track myself better in the future. I probably average half the days, some weeks are every day and some not at all, so for June we’ll say 8 days of riding to be conservative.  But that’s just to get me set up with a recurring post to update to give me an incentive to keep better track.


5 thoughts on “Biking To Work, June 2013

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