Chipotle Burritos

There were long stretches in college when I literally ate a Chipotle Burrito everyday

There were long stretches in college when I literally ate a Chipotle Burrito or two everyday

When I think about my blog, there is of course a slight inkling of financial curiosity.  I wonder how many readers it takes to monetize a blog, even slightly.  So I have a goal which seems moderately in reach, considering I have no idea how to make money on a blog, but I do know people do it.  My goal is to make enough every month to buy a Chipotle Burrito.

Chipotle Burritos are my favorite food in the world.  In fact, I am a Master Burrito Ambassador MBA with the plaque from Chipotle to prove it (look it up, it’s a real thing).  I like to price things I buy in their burrito opportunity cost (about $8 apiece).   It definitely helps me save money to evaluate everything I buy in the number of burritos I could have instead.  Is that new purchase going to cost four burritos?  Would I rather have it than four burritos?  Rarely 🙂

Although, as both a burrito connoisseur and shareholder I’d just offer this piece of advice to Chipotle; work to keep those prices down while keeping the burritos awesome.  As my wife loves to remind me, Chipotle is no cheap meal out, at about $21 a trip when we get our barbacoa burritos with guac and an iced tea.

What is your alternative to the burrito multiplier?  Also, if anyone knows how I might go about turning this endeavor into a burrito-a-month business let me know.

*Photo from Chipotle Website


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