Hello and welcome to my new financial blog.  Let me introduce myself. I am MrLFAS.  I am young married professional (engineer) and I have an interest in all things financial. I have long been interested in money, finances, investing etc. My foray into personal finance blogging began around when I graduated college.  The money started coming in faster than it was going out, and I wanted to figure out the most efficient and organized way to use it.

Being a bit of a newbie at the time I was looking for budget advise and stumbled upon (thoughts on budgets will come in a future post).  Since then I’ve read through a variety of the more popular financial / frugality blogs.  And what I’ve noticed is a strong representation of thirty something plus writers who’ve had some time to be there and do that.  Of course the thoughts and advise of the experienced have their own significant value (which is why I read them so often).  But, I figured why not kick off a blog that represents someone younger (in my mid twenties) but of a similar frugal, financially conscious mindset.  I’ve also noticed many popular blogs chronicling getting out of debt or addressing finances for twenty somethings within the confines of the current consumer culture, but I’ve never had debt or financial “problems” nor a strong desire to buy things so I won’t exactly fit those niches.

So, as I head further into the real world and experiment and learn more first hand, as often as I feel inspired, I will post my thoughts and experiences related to money, finances, investing, life and anything else I feel like, and will definitely touch on many of the topics broached above.

And thank you for reading my first post.


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