Lending Club Update – April 2014

LendingClubUpdateIt has been over a year since I last updated on my account at Lending Club.  We’ve been adding a couple hundred a month as automated investment to the account and rolling all payments back into new loans.  With $1367 in interest and $50 in recouped loans, less the $367 charged off, $50 in fees, and a $180 adjustment for loans which are currently past due I’m up $795 on my deposits of $7450.  Lending Club tells me that works out to an Adjusted Net Annualized Return of about 9.2%.

The primary changes I’ve noticed since I last wrote about my Lending Club progress include a lot of small mark downs of expected returns…  that’s not so promising considering the generally positive economic situation and bull market.  Compared to the stock market over the last two years this has not been a particularly good return, we’ll have to see what happens whenever the market runs out of steam.  And from what I can tell it also isn’t that good of a return compared to a diverse junk bond portfolio, and then factor in taxes and the tax complexity… not feeling so hot on P2P lending right now.  We plan to continue to automatically deposit a small amount each month until we reach $10k of deposits (sometime around the end of this year) then I think we’ll just let it ride to see how it goes.

Lending Club 01Apr2015

Income/Expenses – March 2015

Spending Pie March 2015From my recurring income series; Our net savings/spending numbers for March 2015:

Got expenses back into check this month, more around our long term sustainable average.   Our home (mostly mortgage interest, property tax, and insurance) accounted for 41% of our spending.  Food followed at 26% of our spending, then entertainment and health/fitness at 8% each.  And  then transport at 5%, and that spending was mostly some bicycling maintenance / tires thanks to all our miles on the road :)  Bills clocked in at 5% of our spending, and then general shopping and gifts accounted for the last slice of our spending pie.

Our tax refund made this month look a bit better, so all in all we saw a 76% savings rate.  I’ll set a goal for April of 70% – shouldn’t be too hard to hit this month – again with no major spending expected maybe with some luck we’ll hit 80%.

Self-Propelled Commute Report – March 2015

trek12How about that change in title?  March has finished so I can officially document my commuting progress for March.  I biked or ran to work 15 of the 20 days I worked, for a rate of 75%.  Again I blew out my rate from last March of 0%.  I only drove myself in once and carpooled the other four times, so we did well on car usage – only got gas once :)

For April I’m planning to work about 22 days and my goal is to commute under my own power at least 17 of those days (keep it over 75%.

Income/Expenses – February 2015

Spending Pie Feb 2015From my recurring income series; Our net savings/spending numbers for February 2015:

Expenses were excessive due to some health costs – primarily my LASIK and some dental work – and accounted for 46% of our total spending.  Behind our home at 18% was general shopping (mostly for a new laptop) at 13% and then food at 10% of our spending.  Entertainment, bills, and then auto/transport accounted for about 4% of our spending each and that rounds out the month of February.  Not really the worst month if you take out the medical expenses… but certainly not great either.

We didn’t work much OT, but a bonus saved this month from looking really ugly.  In the end we saw a 47% savings rate.  I’ll set a goal for March of 70% to start to make up for some of that embarrassment.  And since there is no real spending expected maybe with some luck we’ll hit 80%.

Income/Expenses – January 2015

Spending Pie Jan 2015From my recurring income series, Our net savings/spending numbers for January 2015:

Expenses were again amazingly high as we spent the first week+ of the year in an expensive international city. Again travel accounted for the largest portion of spending at 45%, and again at least some of that was for food which we didn’t break out due to the tracking effort on cash spending.  Another 26% went to “home”; mortgage interest and taxes.  18% went towards food, and this was a bit more accurate than last month because our travels finally took us to places where credit cards were accepted.  Mint is only breaking down the other 11% as “other”, although it covers all sorts of bills, some gifts, the gym etc.

We combined for a couple days worth of overtime, which helped us squeeze over the 50% savings rate, at 58%.  I’ll set a goal for February of better than 50% (mostly due to an expensive elective surgery), and there’s also been some shopping already under way…

Biking to Work – January 2015

trek12In January I biked in 12 of the 15 days I worked, a rate of 80%.  That’s a lot better than last January’s rate of 0%.  We had a beautiful warm January, and I’ve started running some of these days as well (but I’ll keep counting that as part of my biking tally).  The other three days I managed to carpool so no solo driving.

For February I’m planning to work about 20 days and I hope to bike at least 12 of those days, although I’ve got a forecast for this first week and it doesn’t look promising.